Solar can't be bad, right?

Solar Power is Good

Welcome, solar power isn't new, nor is it widely accepted in America. The question in my mind becomes; How are you using solar? Why not start small? In my house electronic devices use the lions share of the monthly electricity and typically that ends up being around 120-150 bucks a month. Why not shave that down to around 60-70 bucks a month? Hard to believe you can save 50-60 bucks each month by using solar to charge your devices...but that's not all. You can actually put electricity back on the grid and get a tax break for buying home panes and an inverter to turn the DC power into AC power and send it back to the power company. While I don't expect you to go full wacko on the first day, think about a 25 year investment which isn't necessarily going to ever cash flow, but will, lower your costs significantly. Just one solar battery booster/charger could save you hundreds of dollars every year, and make life better because you'll never be out of charge.

Welcome to my idea, do your own diligence, you'll be glad you did. I will be offering what I can find reasonably priced and offer those products at the lowest markup possible. I can't change the world, but I can help.